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Green Living for Seniors

Due to years and years’ worth of abuse inflicted to our own world, it’s bound to make us pay one way or another. For now, the littlest warnings we have been experiencing from Mother Nature are enough to make us rethink of the way how we are living our lives and how...

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A Safety Net for Your Money to Grow

All the ups and downs in the stock market lately might make your head spin. We know what happened 8 years ago. But the market’s recovered nicely since then; in fact, the Dow’s over 18,000 for the first time ever. If you had any of your assets in the market, then if...

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Five Strategies for Brain Health

Today we’re talking about Brain Health. You can take steps to keep your brain healthy. These steps may also have other health benefits, such as helping you control your weight, lower your risk of heart disease and live a healthy, active life as you age. Research is...

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Shame on us for thinking like we do…

We beg your pardon, but most insurance experts will tell you ten or more reasons why people “should” buy long term care insurance. But when it boils down to the reality of it, there is really only one reason why people actually “do” buy long term care insurance –...

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